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Panel 12 - The Quem Quaeritis - left half (displaced and reversed)
This panel is clearly the other half of the scene of the three Maries finding Christ's empty tomb and originally belonged with panel 06. At some point in its history, a particularly inept 'restorer' has mounted the panel in reverse - probably because he had a gap of this shape to fill and wasn't too fussed what he filled it with. Mounting stained glass in reverse tends to speed up the loss of the image detail as the paint surface is exposed to the elements and any imperfections in the vitrification of the paint leads to accelerated pitting and flaking. This is what appears to have happened here. Apart from some clumsily repainted faces and hands and feet, nearly all the detail has been lost, with only the leading and pot-metal colours left to reveal the story.
See panel 06 for a reconstruction of how the panels would have been arranged originally.