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Panel 04 - Andrew is tied to the Cross
An extraordinary composition, which is still just about legible despite the damage. Andrew is being tied to a conventional shaped cross (not the 'X'-shaped one with which he later became associated), which is shown on its side with the upright post horizontal and the cross-bar perpendicular to the ground. Similar compositions appear in a small number of other 13th-14th century pre-crucifixion scenes. For example, we find it used in the martyrdom of St Peter at Le Mans (Bay101, PanelA3) and of St Andrew at Chartres (Bay 02, panel 32).
I have also found similar examples in four later manuscript illuminations; Christ's nailing to the Cross in the lower half of f.10v in the Krivoklat Psalter (probably made in Worcester c.1280) and in the Holkham Piture Bible (London, c.1330), as well as martyrdoms of St Andrew in the so-called Liege Psalter-Hours of c.1270 (it's the medallion at the bottom right of f.12v) and in a Cistercian Psalter of c.1260 from Basel or Constance (now Besancon, Bibliotheque Municipale, ms.54, f.22). A final example is the fastening of St Andrew to the cross which appears in the late 13th century opus Anglicanum Montieramey Cope, which was probably made in London but is now in the Cathedral Treasury at Troyes (the horizontal orientation in this case would only be obvious when the garment was in use!)