Bay 44 (The Good Samaritan Typological Window)

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Panel 03 - Signature panel (donation of the window)

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A group of shoemakers offer their window (i.e. this window) to the Church. The hand of God emerges from a crould frill (top right) indicating His approval/acceptance of the gift. The Latin titulus reads "SUTORES O" - Delaporte assumed the 'O' to mean OBTELERUNT i.e. "The shoemakers offered it [this window]". It is important to note, as Jane Welch Williams has pointed out that this is not, strictly speaking, a guild of showmakers since formal guilds did not yet exist in Chartres at this date. Moreover, the men seen in this panel are dressed in clothing which would have been forbidden to a humble cobbler under sumptuary laws. As elsewhere, the true relationship between the windows, the donors and the tradesmen remains unclear.