- Photographs by Stuart Whatling


Medieval Art & Architecture in Saxony

The Courtauld Institute & Harvard University Doctoral Students Trip, 2007

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Day 3 - The Cistercian Church at Pforta (Landesschulpforta)

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West facade

Foundation inscription on apse buttress

Southeastern lancets

View from southeast

View from southeast

South flank of nave

Bar tracery in choir windows

Curvilinear bar tracery in choir windows

Curvilinear bar tracery in choir windows

Odd mix of bar and plate tracery

Odd mix of bar and plate tracery

Crossing and apse from the nave

Nave looking east from crossing

View from west end of nave

View of choir from south transept

Choir and apse

'Remois' passage in apse

Choir elevation

Archway leading into side chapel

Vault springing in choir

Perforated broken gable over stall on south of choir

Shelf and piscina on north of choir

Surviving panels of Cistercian-friendly grisaille in the choir

Doors fitted to apse passage (northeast corner)

Gabled cupboards behind high altar

Professors Suckale (seated) and Crossley with chums

Side chapel to south of choir

The great cross

The great cross - Christ's right arm & St Matthew

The great cross - Christ's left arm & St Mark

The great cross - detail of Christ's feet

Roof boss in the chapel - Man's head and St Luke's symbol

Roof boss - Christ's wounds and the Arma Christi

1/2 sized tomb effigies - of noble children (?)

Detail of the hawking lure in the boy's left hand