- Photographs by Stuart Whatling


Medieval Art & Architecture in Saxony

The Courtauld Institute & Harvard University Doctoral Students Trip, 2007

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Day 6 - Wechselburg, Geithain & Rochlitz

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Kloster Wechselburg - 12th century Benedictine Monastery

Approach to the church

Approach to the church - note kloster gatehouse to right

View of nave from western end

The famous rood and Calvary group

Calvary group

Calvary group

Central section of rood screen

Majestas group

Majestas group with Abel and Cain in spandrels

Adam and Domitian (?)

St John the Evangelist trampling Domitian

Central Calvary group

Pier base

Northeast crossing pier

Northeast crossing pier from west

Vaults over crossing and choir

Vaults over nave


View into choir/apse from crossing

Choir and apse


Geithain - Sankt Nikolaus

Sankt Nikolaus - view from western gallery

Sankt Nikolaus - view from west

Sankt Nikolaus - view of ceiling

Capital with unused springers for net vault

Capital with unused springers for net vault

Capital with unused springers for net vault

Rochlitz (Kunigundenkirche, Schloss & Petrikirche)


South portal

playful blind tracery

playful blind tracery

South portal

South portal - buttress detail

Angels on the ogival gable

Angels on the ogival gable

Holy Face in tympanum

String-course stop

String-course stop with lute

String-course stop - donor with church ?

'Hand' corbel

Face corbel

St Veronica holding the sudarium ?

String-course stop; beadsman

The rather more restrained north portal

Decorated door case on the Petrikirche

Rochlitz Schloss - view from river bank

Rochlitz Schloss - chapel

Rochlitz Schloss - chapel

Rochlitz Schloss - chapel window detail

Rochlitz Schloss - windows

Rochlitz Schloss - window