Bay 101 (St Peter, St Innocent & St Gervais)

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Panel B5 - A council of Bishops (? 4th Council of Orleans, 541AD ?)

Hucher identifies this and the preceding panel as two of the episcopal councils in which Innocent, as Bishop of Le Mans, participated. I suspect there could be more to it than that. The group of three bishops are clearly asking their nimbed companion for help with something and one of them is gesturing offstage right.

According to NewAdvent ; "The fourth national council (541) assembled thirty-eight bishops, and maintained the date fixed by Pope Victor for Easter, contrary to Justinian's ordinances, and ordered those who had or wished to have a parish church on their lands to take the necessary measures for the dignity of Divine worship. Finally it perfected the measures taken by the Council of 511 relative to the emancipation of slaves; slaves emancipated by bishops were to retain their freedom after the death of their emancipators, even though other acts of their administration were recalled; it authorized the final ransom of Christians who had fallen into the power of Jews but had invoked the right of sanctuary to recover their freedom; in declared that Jews who exhorted Christian slaves to become Jews in order to be set free should be forbidden to own such slaves. "