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Panel 02 - A dog licks Lazarus' sores (Fragmentary panel)
The right-hand side of this panel is a confusing jumble of stop-gaps and probably belongs elsewhere - but on the left one can clearly make out the poor man of the parable (Lazarus), dressed in a hooded garment. One can also see the head of a dog (whose body is in the right half of panel 03), who licks at a blackened sore on the leper's leg (from Luke 16:21; "...moreover the dogs came and licked his sores").

Dogs licking leprous sores are a common element in medieval iconography, particularly later in association with St Roche. The 12th century Victorine commentary on the New Testament drew an exegetical parallel between the dogs who soothed Lazarus' sores and the priests who soothed the community by helping to expiate their sins.