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Panel 21 - The spies escape from Jericho through Rahab's window (Jos 2:14)
Despite the damage, the red cord in the centre of this panel is the give-away here. According to Jos 2:14, Rahab's house was on the town wall and she lowered the two spies out of ther window on a cord so they could make their escape. Out of gratitude, they told Rahab to hang a scarlet thread from her window so that when the Israelites attacked Jericho, they would know her house and spare it's occupants (Jos 2:18). Despite her rather masculine face, the long white dress and tufted hair identify the figure on the right as Rahab. A curiously shaped piece of blue glass by her right shoulder occupies a space that would once have contained the rest of her hair (it is quite common at Poitiers for the leading to retain a kind of palimpsest of the original shapes in this way).