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Panel 02 - The Glazier's signature panel ('Clement of Chartres made me')
A seated figure holds up a scroll on which is written "CLEMENS VITREARIUS CARNOTENSIS M[E FECIT]" ("Clement of Chartres, glazier, made me"). Some (e.g. the Corpus Vitreareum survey volume that covers Rouen) have described this as Pharaoh, holding his sceptre and looking over his prison - but in every single scene where Pharaoh or Potiphar (or even their wives) are depicted in bays 09 and 11, they are shown wearing prominent golden crowns. This figure wears a red skull cap and apparently sits on a fald-stool (the curving yellow rod behind his left shoulder is the back rest, the red curved piece beside his left hip is the side strut). The 'sceptre' might simply be the rod of a workshop master. On balance I think we might be justified in seeing this as a rare representation of the master glazier - though whether that means 'Clement of Chartres' actually made this window or simply paid a contribution towards it is an entirely different matter.