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Panel 21 - The finding of Joseph's silver cup (panel 1 of 3)
This scene is spread across three panels, which gives the artist more space to work with and adds somewhat to the sense of drama. The story is told in an uncharacteristically prolix fashion in Gen 42-44. To summarise, Jacob sends his remaining sons on a corn-buying mission to Egypt, where Joseph (now Governer) recognises his brothers but conceals his true identity. After some adventures, the brothers are sent on their way with an abundance of corn but then stopped and searched by Joseph's men, who find their master's precious silver cup in the sacks of his youngest brother, Benjamin (where it had been planted on Joseph's orders). The scene is the dramatic prelude to the peripetaia when Joseph reveals his identity, all is forgiven and the son and is joyfully reunited with his father.
In this first panel of the triplet, one of Joseph's men holds up his silver goblet, found in the mouth of Benjamin's sack (Gen 44:12).