- Photographs by Stuart Whatling

Sens Cathedral - the Four Early 13th Century Windows

To view details of individual windows, click one of the bay numbers in the diagram or one the captions below right.

15 - The Good Samaritan Typological Window

17 - The Prodigal Son

21 - The Life of St Eustace

23 - St Thomas Becket


The four early Gothic windows surviving in the north aisle of the choir are the most important and best known survivors of the early 13th century glazing programme at Sens (although parts of the three axial windows at chapel and clerestory levels are also original). All have been quite heavily restored in the past and some of the north aisle windows have quite a lot of surface grime, which does rather reduce their legibility.

Dating of the wondows remains uncertain. Some early authorities suggested they could be as early as the 1180's but these should not be taken too seriously. Louis Grodecki's tentative dating of around 1210-20 seems more reliable.


Below - although I was only there to photograph the glass, I couldn't resist this mid 12th century 'spinario' corbel figure (with some late 20th century cables) in the ambulatory at Sens.


Bay 23 - St Thomas Becket Bay 21 - St Eustace Bay 15 - The Good Samaritan Typological Window Bay 17 - The 'Prodigal Son' window